Children Caused Ivana Trump To Have Airplane Meltdown

ivana_trump_airplaneBoston (ChatterShmatter) – The first ex-wife of billionaire Donald Trump, Ivana Trump, had to be physically removed from a plane after having a meltdown.

Ivana Trump was reportedly physically restrained and removed from an airplane after she completely lost it due to some children.According to all reports, children were yelling and screaming on the plane, and running up and down the aisles.

This caused her to get extremely agitated and quite aggressive towards the children and others on the plane.

The flight attendants onboard had to calm her down until she could be physically removed by police in the state of Florida.

SHe had not been charged with any crime as of yet according to reports.

This took place at the Palm Beach International Airport, the flight was headed for New York.

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