Alex Rodriguez Gets Sick Of Kate Hudson, Dumps Her

arod_kate_hudsonHollywood (ChatterShmatter) – According to the latest reports, Kate Hudson and New York Yankees star Alex Rodrioguez have called it quits, ending their relationship.

Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson have been hot and heavy for quite some time now.

Throughout the entire past summer, Kate Hudson was seen at Yankee Stadium on a regular basis to watch her man play for the New York Yankees.

They were also seen together at movie premieres, night clubs, etc.

The two have appeared to be quite happy together, but that has all reportedly gone down the tube.

The first hiccup in their relationship came right after the Yankees won the MLB World Series where they reportedly had a fight in a club in New York.

After that, they apparently patched things up, but that has all reportedly come to an end.

Reports state now that Kate Hudson was dumped by Alex Rodriguez, ending their relationship.

This has yet to be confirmed from either A-Rod or Kate Hudson.

This comes as no surprise to many, as Kate Hudson has been known to be rather clingy, something which probably would not mesh well with the personality of Alex Rodriguez.

The two were dating for roughly a year prior to the break-up which was reported by

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