Sandra Bullock, Blind Side Conquer New Moon

blind_side_new_moonWashington (ChatterShmatter) – Sandra Bullock and The Blind Side took the top spot at the box office this weekend, conquering New Moon.

New Moon was the sequel in the Twilight franchise, and has enjoyed an incredible run at the box office over the last few weeks.

The film is no longer the top movie though as it dropped thsi weekend to No. 2.

New Moon took in enough this weekend to stay up there with the other big movies, adding $15.7 million to its total.

The Blind Side was king though, raking in $20.4 million to take the top spot, beating out the Twilight sequel.

The two movies have been going head to head for 3 weeks,a nd it is The Blind Side that finally got the best of New Moon.

The Blind Side has a total of $130 million now in 3 weeks, compared to $256 million for Blue Moon.

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