Childhood Obesity Breakthrough Points To Missing DNA

childhood_obesity_dnaWashington (ChatterShmatter) – A new study released by Researchers in Britain have revealed a breakthrough in understanding childhood obesity, missing DNA.

British researchers carried out their work on a group of around 300 children.

All of the children who took part in this study were said to be obese.

Their weight level was said to be around 220 pounds by teh age of 10.

By analyzing these children, they were hopeful to be able to find some sort of similarity between then in regards to their DNA.

What they found is quite amazing to say the least, and may prove to explain the cause of severe childhood obesity.

They discovered that there were missing chunks of DNA in these kids, and that this could be the reason as to why they were so obese.

The DNA that was missing was on chomosome 16, and they believe that this can lead to an immense amount of unnecessary hunger.

This gene is the gene that allows the brain to control appetite.

This DNA was found in only 1% of 1,200 kids who were severely obese.

This could explain severe childhood obesity, and could lead to future cures.

The study has been published in the journal Nature.

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