Will Adam Lambert Ever Be Welcome Back On American Idol?

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adam_lambertHollywood (ChatterShmatter) – Adam Lambert has had a rough road ever since he made his risque performance on the American Music Awards a few weeks ago.  ABC has backed out on him, sparking the question, will he ever be invited back on American Idol?

Adam Lambert has been cancelled yet again as he was set to perform on Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well as Dick Clark’s New Year’s Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

Instead of doing these three performances, he will be doing none of them.

That is because ABC has pulled the plug on all three of his schduled performances.

Adam Lambert tweeted Wednesday night to tell his fans what was going on, stating he was still doing the Jay Leno Show.

Many fans of Adam Lambert are extremely unhappy with this move by ABC, as they are stating that it is just due to the fact that he has a very homoerotic act.

What does Fox think of all of this though?  Will Adam Lambert ever been invited again on AMerican Idol?

That remains to be seen, as the upcoming season of American Idol will take place this coming January.

As for right now, what are your thoughts?  Should Adam Lambert be allowed to perform on ABC?  How about American Idol next season?

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