Hollywood Hottie Marilyn Monroe Shown Smoking Pot

marilyn_monroe_potHollywood (ChatterShmatter) – A new video has been released showing the Hollywood starlet Marilyn Monroe smoking pot.

Apparently, Marilyn Monroe smoked pot roughly 50 years ago in the year 1959.

The actress can be seen in this minute-long video smoking marijuana.

It is a slient video that was shot in color at a home in New Jersey.

The video was purchased by Keya Morgan recently for the price tag of $275,000.

The one-minute video shows Monrow sitting on a couch with her friends.

They are all smoking, an dpassing the joint from one to another.

Clear as day, in the video, you see Marilyn Monrow take a big hit and pass it off to a friend.

This was shot at a time when she was already extremely famous, and shows Monroe in a light not previously seen or known before.

The beautiful Marilyn Monroe looks extremely happy in the video, and appears to be enjoying life.

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