Oprah Winfrey Set To End Talk Show At Its Peak

oprah_winfrey_ending_showWashington (ChatterShmatter) – Oprah Winfrey has announced that she is going to be ending her talk show in the year 2011.

Oprah Winfrey has enjoyed an amazing run on television since 1986 when The Oprah Winfrey Show made its debut.

Since then, she has controlled that afternoon time slot and has made an empire out of her show and her name in general.

At 55-years old, she is apparently just about ready to call it quits.

She is expected to make this announcement on Friday after it was confirmed by head of Harpo Inc. that the show was ending in 2011.

She has many other media ventures, including her channel on Sirius / XM, as well as her cable channel, and much more.

This will sadden Oprah fans, but at least she will be going out on top.

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