Embryonic Stem Cells Could Help Treat Burn Victims

stem_cells_skinWashington (ChatterShmatter) – According to new research, embryonic stem cells may soon be able to treat burn victims by helping produce skin for the body.

The research has been published based on research in France, and can be found in the November 20th issue of the journal The Lancet.

The hope is that embryonic stem cells can one day be used to create what is known as temporary skin.  What this will do is immensely help burn victims, as they will be able to receive preliminary treatment prior to receiving skin grafts.

As it stands right now, a burn victim can run into a variety of complications soon after their injury due to the fact that skin grafts take some time to produce.

This new study may change all of that though, as stem cells may be able to create skin faster than current processes.

The skin cells of the victim are currently used to create the new skin.

By using these stem cells though, it may be possible to create skin that is similar enough to human skin that it can get the job done until the grafts are ready.

This is a huge step forward in regards to the use of embryonic stem cells in helping burn victims.

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