FMyLife starts a new trend of websites

ChatterShmatter (Montreal) – We have all seen the great success of across the web. “The first website started out as, which originated on an IRC channel which allowed a few friends in France to exchange FML stories with each other. The IRC channel then became a microblog in january 2008. As the general interest in the stories reached a wider audience, the website grew and developped up to the point where an international english language version is now available.”

We have come up across a few new websites that somewhat replicate what does, however each in their unique way., and the most recent we found

“I guess I just straight up suck at it.” is the new slogan for

The concept works like this: An anecdote always starts with ‘So I was in/at *location*’ and ends with ‘IFAP’.

Here’s a funny one we found “So I was at Canada’s Wonderland with a few friends, and we kept seeing these hot chicks checking us out. We wanted to get their numbers so bad. As we were about to leave, I went to go get a funnel cake by myself, only to see that my friends had got their numbers without me. IFAP”

Can this be the next type of “blogging” style site? Either way, they all seem to be hits so get ready to start seeing new FML websites appear!

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