Mickey Rourke In Ironman 2

ironmanThere have been rumors circulating about upcoming casting calls for IRonman 2. Many were surprised when Don Cheedle was signed on for a huge contract and now Mickey Rourke is making headlines.

Superherohype insider has confirmed that the actor will be starring in Ironman 2. 250k just wasn’t enough for him but his agent has worked out a deal to star in the movie as Russian. Marvel has yet to officialy confirm his role as the dotted lines have yet to be signed but we should hear word shortly according to this source.

There is also a rumor floating around that Rourke could also be starring as a villian in Spiderman 4. Sony pictures is in negotiations but with the Ironman announcment things could be differnt with that.

Ironman 2 will start filming this April and be released in May next year.

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