Dementia Risk Linked to Bad Cholesterol and Obesity

obesityWashington (ChatterShmatter) – Recent studies have linked heart disease and obesity with greater risk of dementia onset.

Both obesity and heart disease have their own effects on ones health, however it now appears that we can add dementia to the list of health risks.

Researchers from the University of California San Fransisco and the San Francisco Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center, have figured out that women with certain metabolic disorders raised their risk of either obesity and or heart disease were also found to raise their overall risk of developing dementia later in life.

The study was conducted with about 5,000 women with an average of 66 years of age. Researchers analyzed their current health and compared it to the number of upcoming dementia diagnosed people.

Other studies took a look at cholesterol levels in more than 150 patients. Some of the patients were diabetic. The study showed that the elder participants who has high levels of bad cholesterol combined with diabetes were at higher risk of dementia.

We believe the message is quite clear, control your cholesterol and reduce your weight if you have issues, and you’ll greatly reduce the chances of being diagnosed with dementia.

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