Unsuccessful Marriages Take Bigger Health Toll on Women

badmarriage2Boston (ChatterShmatter) – Studies suggest that a bad marriage has a much larger impact on women’s health. High blood pressure, cholesterol problems and depression are some of the problems women may encounter during a bad marriage.

The study was conducted on 276 couples who had been married for over 20 years. Researchers questioned their relationship and studied their mental health condition among other things.

After being put through a series of tests, researchers found that both men and women faced the a similar risk of depression and stress from a bad marriage.

They also found that:

” – Women reporting more marital strain were more likely to report depressive symptoms.

– Women with marital strain had more metabolic syndrome symptoms.

– Men in bad marriages reported depressive symptoms unrelated to any signs of metabolic syndrome.”‘

“Women seem to be more relationship oriented,” says Henry, a doctoral student at the University of Utah who also works at the Veteran Affairs Salt Lake City Medical Center. “We know by research that women tend to base their self-concept on relationships, how they are doing, how things are going for them. And we think that’s the reason we’ve shown that negative relationship issues seem to take a greater toll on women emotionally and physically.”

The study was presented by researchers at a meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Chicago.

Source: Webmd.com

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