Watchmen Clips Airing on NBC This Week

watchmen1Watchmen is almost here and many of us absolutely cannot wait. Ill be there at midnight and those that haven’t even read the book yet will be lining up as well! NBC is just as hyped as they will be launching a video montage of events for the entire week. The WB movie Watchmen will have several clips from the movie air on NBC from March 1st to March 5th and are as follows

* March 1 – Clip montage featuring Dr. Manhattan airs exclusively during “National Treasure” on USA Network.
* March 2 – Clip montage featuring Rorschach airs exclusively during “Heroes” on NBC.
* March 4 – Clip montage featuring Ozymandias airs exclusively during “Ghost Hunters International” on SCI FI.
* March 5 – Clip montage featuring Nite Owl airs exclusively during “Battlestar Galactica” on SCI FI.
* March 5 – Clip montage featuring Silk Spectre II airs exclusively during “Burn Notice” on USA Network.
* March 5 – Clip montage featuring The Comedian airs exclusively during “30 Rock” on NBC.

Following their network airing, the clips will be available for viewing on

So tune in to NBC this week to get an early glimpse of the upcoming blockbuster film.

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