Spectacular Spiderman Swings into Mcdonalds


If you are one of the millions that enjoy the new hit show Spectacular Spiderman on saturday mornings then here is some exciting news. Marvel, Sony, and Mcdonalds have all teamed up for the characters of the hit tv series to come to McDonalds Happy Meals in most areas. The offer is from February 27 till the end of March or while supplies last.

The included items are the following toys that will vary from day to day. “Spider-Man Suction Cup, Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man Swinging, Venom, Spider-Man Launcher, Green Goblin, Spider-Man Crawling, and Sandman”

Along with the fun toys, the agreement also offers advertising of the show via commercials nationwide, in store displays and signings, and kids can go to happymeal.com for even more Spiderman fun!

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