DVD Review: I Love the 80′s Set: Coming to America

DVD Review: I Love the 80’s Set: Coming to America....

Paramount Home Entertainment/1988 / 114 min./ R

Release Date: February 3,2009
Format: DVD
Price: $ 13.49

The following is information provided to ChatterShmatter by the distributor.

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, John Amos

Director: John Landis

Plot Synopsis:
Eddie Murphy is a royal pain as a wealthy and pampered African prince who comes to New York in search of a bride in Coming to America. Accompanied by his closest companion (Arsenio Hall), Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) quickly finds a job, new friends, new digs, new enemies- and lots of trouble. It’s a crowning achievement in comedy and an early example of Murphy’s uncanny ability to multiple roles in one film.

Special Features:

This is one of those must have films of the 80’s that really captured the comedic and dramatic abilities of Eddie Murphy are on display. While this film is on cable almost every weekend there is something to be said for watching the film all the way through un-edited and un-interrupted.

Eddie Murphy’s performance in the film as Prince Akeem a prince who comes to New York to find a queen and escape a pre-arranged marriage is first rate. His comedic timing and ability to play both a funny and serious role is impressive.

Perhaps the best thing about this DVD is the ability to look back in time at Arsenio Hall, Eric La Salle and even a cameo by Samuel L. Jackson. This is a great film full of fun and is the first time we get to see Eddie Murphy play multiple characters.

It was disappointing that in the release there are no special features. This is one of those films where a retrospective from Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall or John Landis would have been fun to see.

The quality of the audio and video was only okay, perhaps I am spoiled with the clean crisp lines of HD and Blu-Ray but this release left me wanting more. The only new-ness for buying this disc is the “I Love the 80’s” packaging.

Film: 9.0

Audio/ Video: 6.0

Special Features: 0.0

Overall: 5.0

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