Kendra Pulled Out of Playboy Completely

Kendra Pulled Out of Playboy Completely....

Los Angeles, CA (ChatterShmatter) – With her impending nuptials to Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson will apparently not only no longer be Hef’s squeeze but also no longer a subject for his magazines.

While ignoring the nauseating question of whether she will wear white or not Kendra has said publicly that should the offer to pose in Playboy come up she would have to give it serious thought since she wouldn’t want to offend Hank or his family. Sounds to me like a case of closing the barn door once the horse has already escaped!

There had also been a rumor floating that her ex-Sugar Daddy Hugh Hefner will walk her down the aisle but was ultimately decided against that since it would make Hank feel uncomfortable, instead her brother will do the honor. Forgive me but c’mon Hank should feel more uncomfortable with the fact that men across the country are looking to see his wife naked than who gives her away.

Let’s be real this is why any guy would tune into her hit television series “Girls Next Door” or her upcoming series on E! starring the new Mr. & Mrs. Hank Baskett. Forgive me folks but I see another Nick and Jessica on the rise here and we all know how that ended.

Those who do tune into the new series will get to see Kendra live her own life for once being forced to do her own laundry, dishes and bills. Yeah like they will actually be living in the real world without any butlers, maids or inevitable hangers on who “have always been close to Kendra and are only around to help not get on TV”.

While Kendra has shown her sensitive side for her husband by taking Hef out of the marriage ceremony she apparently too has her limits since the ceremony will take place at the Playboy mansion, so she will look out for her man as long as it means she can still stop into the house of ill repute that Hef built.

And if that does not start the relationship out on the right foot then the discussion around kids will. Reportedly Hank would like a lot of kids- 5 to be exact, well Kendra is not so agreeable to this idea, and it should be of no surprise since let’s not forget where Kendra makes her money and that kids could turn this Playboy Bunny into a Playboy Piggy.

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