Is The Dark Knight a Real American Psycho?

Is The Dark Knight a Real American Psycho?....

Los Angeles, CA (ChatterShmatter) – A lot has been made of the news around Christian Bale’s now highly public verbal beat down of a Director of Photography on the set of Terminator Salvation. There have been many who have come out against the actor’s rant, while there have been a few supporters, though more of the latter appear to me coming to the surface in the days following the release of the audio.

For those not familiar with the situation, it has been released to the public a 5 minute audio clip of Christian Bale berating the DP after he walked on the set during a scene between Bale and co-star Bryce Dallas Howard. Bale went on to use approximately 36 F-bombs against the offender calling him unprofessional and that if he were allowed to continue working on the set Christian would not.

As a human being with even a remote shred of common sense it would be the normal reaction that this attack was not deserved and that Bale’s rant was more of a situation of him being a prima donna. There is of course as an old radio show would say the rest of the story:

It has surfaced over the last 24 hours additional details given around the circumstances of the issue. Apparently the DP did in fact walk onto the set to adjust lights while Bale and Howard were deeply involved in an emotional scene. While it would be difficult for those not in the business to understand it would be tantamount to someone interrupting a CEO giving a presentation on the state of the business, breaking the focus of the individual giving the presentation.

It has also been said that when the incident happened Bale was sleep-deprived due to the rigorous scheduling demands around “The Dark Knight” which was in the midst of a major advertising campaign.

While I think more of this issue has been made against Bale I am not entirely excusing him of fault on the issue. He should be able to express his outrage against a co-worker on the film in a more appropriate manner, I do also believe we are experiencing a situation where an individual reacted in the heat of the moment, something I think everyone has been guilty of, but next time Mr. Bale, let’s make sure the microphone’s are off.

Oh and if the scenes in the next Terminator movie are that emotionally intense we may be looking at a rebirth and recreation of a franchise…but I find it hard to believe given it’s track record.

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