Will New Plan For A-Team Film Finally Come Together?

Will New Plan For A-Team Film Finally Come Together? ....

Hollywood, CA (ChatterShmatter) – After years and years of debate, disagreements and lots of talk out of Hollywood it appears that Fox will finally see the realization of an A-Team film on the big screen.

There have been lots of actors and directors attached to this potentially blockbuster revitalization of a franchise and it appears that it is finally in the hands of some who will get this thing done. Tony and Ridley Scott the producers of the film are well into discussions with Joe Carnahan to become the director of the film.

The A-Team was a huge television hit in the 1980’s which followed the escapades of a small band of rogue US Army Special Forces unit who were on the run from the US Government after they had been framed for crimes and outlawed.

The regular characters on the show included the leader of the group Hannibal and his signature cigar, Face, something of a ladies man, Murdock, a man’s whose talents as a pilot were only matched by his lunatic antics and the fan favorite B.A. (Bad Ass) Baracus played by Mr. T.

The series launched the career of Mr. T as something of a phenom and more well known than any of the roles he played including as the bad guy in Rocky 3.

Carhanan’s directorial style seems to fit with the type of films Tony & Ridley Scott have made in the past and would appear what they have in mind for the future. Carnahan’s directorial credits are short and only include one widely known film, Smokin Aces. However he has served as a writer on Pride & Glory, Smokin Aces, as well as a number of films stuck in production hell called, Bunny Lake is Missing & Killing Pablo.

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