Octuplets Born in Los Angeles Doing Well

Octuplets Born in Los Angeles Doing Well....

Los Angeles, CA (ChatterShmatter) – The second ever set of octuplets born in the United States are now breathing on their own at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, just outside of Los Angleles, CA.

The eight babies were born two days ago and two of them have been hooked to a ventilation machine until today when their lungs had developed well enough to adapt to breath on their own. Doctors are also attempting to begin feeding some of the babies while all of them will be required to remain hospitalized and in incubators for a number of weeks to come until they are completely developed.

The eight babies were a surprise for doctors and their mother since only seven had been identified on the ultrasounds prior to the delivery. The birth of the babies was nine weeks early and the babies birth weight ranged from as small as 1lb 8oz to 3lbs 4oz. More than 50 doctors helped to deliver the eight babies by Caesarean section.

The mother’s name and information has not yet been released to the public and it is also not clear whether the mechanical bull embryo split was caused by the use of fertility drugs or not.

The first ever recorded birth of octuplets in the United States was in 1998 in Houston, TX. Last December seven of the children celebrated their 10th birthday while the eigth died one week after delivery.

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