Economic State of the Union Claims Seven Lives

Economic State of the Union Claims Eight Lives....

Los Angeles, CA (ChatterShmatter) – Once again the lives of the innocent are destroyed by the actions of an unstable person pushed over the edge. A man and wife who recently lost their jobs decided to end not only their lives but the lives of their five children.

The grisly result of a premeditated murder-suicide was discovered Tuesday night after police were called to check in on a family by local television station KABC.

The station had received a fax letter from the man accused of killing his wife and children stating his and his wife’s intentions after they both had lost their jobs at Kaiser Pemanente Medical Center.

According to the letter received at the station both had planned the killings together and alerted the schools their children had attended that the family was in the process of moving to Kansas, an explanation for the children’s sudden disappearance.

The conversation with the children’s school happened more than three weeks ago, showing just how long this was considered before actually executed.

While the loss of a job is not necessarily an excuse for killing one-self and is certainly no excuse for killing innocent children it is a terrifying trend on the rise in the current landscape of econominc turmoil.

Unemployment rates continue to rise and more and more Americans are faced with the reality of loss of income with nowhere to turn to regain the means to meet financial obligations.

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