Blu-Ray Review: Mirrors

20th Century Fox/ 2008/ 111 min./ R

Release Date: January 13, 2009
Format: Blu-Ray
Price: $39.99

Blu-Ray Review: Mirrors....

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Horror, Thriller

Kiefer Sutherland, Paula Patton, Amy Smart

Alexandre Aja

Plot Synopsis:
Attempting to pick up the shattered pieces of his life, a disgraced former cop (Kiefer Sutherland) takes a job guarding the ruins of a once famous department store. But the terrifying images he sees in the store’s ornate mirrors will send him on a pulse-pounding mission to unravel the secrets of the building’s past…before they destroy his life!

Special Features:
Disc One
• Theatrical & Unrated versions of film
• Reflections: The Making of Mirrors Shockumentary
• Anna Esseker Hospital Footage
• Behind the Mirror Featurette
• Animated Storyboard Featurette
• Deleted Scenes and Alternate Ending with Optional Director’s Commentary
• BONUSVIEW- Mirror Images Picture-in-Picture with commentary by Alexandre Aja & Gregory Levasseur, Storyboard to scene comparison.

Disc Two
• Digital Copy of Mirrors for Portable Media Players

Mirrors starring Keifer Sutherland of 24 Jack Bauer fame arrived for review not long ago and I found myself intrigued. I am not a big horror or gore fan but I am a fan of a good movie which is what I was hoping for here.

Unfortunately every time Keifer was on the screen all I could think of was 24. This didn’t totally take away from the film, but the lack of a real in depth story did. Keifer plays a cop who works in LP (that’s loss prevention for those out of the know) in a department store where strange things start to happen at night.

While this film is decent from a horror movie perspective it does leave a lot to be desired in terms of keeping my interest since the story stopped once the blood started. I think this could have been much better if the writer’s wrote a whole movie rather than half.

The video quality found on the blu-ray did satisfy since there were quite a few fantastic visuals found on this film. The transfer to blu-ray provided top quality video and audio on this film.

The special features on this disc were a pleasant surprise including a 50 minute making of featurette and tons of little extras which provide great insight into the film and the making of it.
While this material did not make up for what the film lacked they were a fantastic side dish, and worth checking out.

Film: 7.0

Audio & Video: 9.0

Bonus Material: 8.0

Overall: 8.0

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