The Dark Knight Sequel to Feature Eddie Murphy?

The Dark Knight Sequel to Feature Eddie Murphy?....

Los Angeles (ChatterShmatter) – Talk of the sequel to The Dark Knight began long before the film ever hit the big screen, broke box office records and finally launched a comic book movie into Oscar talk.

This kind of buzz is something everyone in Hollywood would want to be a part of.  It is the kind of buzz that stirs a Fanboy’s coffee.  As such it should come as no surprise that rumors of which of Batman’s Rogues Gallery will appear in the next film.

The latest rumor to reach the net is Eddie Murphy as the question mark toting Riddler.  The Riddler is a character that has been featured in various forms in comics, television (live and animated) and in the movies.  The character is one who pushes our vigilante hero to his wit’s end.  A super criminal mastermind whose focus is on the mental rather than physical.

The men who have embodied the character in the live action versions of television and film were Frank Gorshin and Jim Carrey respectively.  In both circumstances the character was one who was maniacal with laughter, and wore a body suit covered in question marks.  It is hard to see a character of this ilk fitting in Nolan’s universe of Gotham City, but there questions were the same before Ledger embodied the iconic Joker and trumped even the great Nicholson’s performance.

While the character could be altered to fit, one has to wonder how and or why Eddie Murphy would be a top choice for the role.  Not to question the talents or abilities of Mr. Murphy but he seems too big a star for the film.  If there is one thing about Batman Begins and The Dark Knight it is that no matter what actor is in the film they have never been bigger than the film itself.  To me Eddie Murphy in the next film would do just that.  He would become the story, not the other way around.  The same might be true, although less so, for Johnny Depp, another star rumored to have been up for the role of the Riddler.

The rumor of the Riddler being featured in the next film is not a surprise to any fan of the films since it was rumored that whomever would be the Riddler would make a cameo in The Dark Knight setting up the character for the 3rd film, specifically Anthony Michael Hall, who played reporter Michael Reese, or as some referred to him, Mr Reese….for those not following, mysteries.  This would alter the comic reference of the Riddler character who’s name was Edward Nygma, or E Nygma.  However this would not preclude Nolan from making such a change.

Other characters rumored to have been discussed for the next film, The Penguin, played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Catwoman played by Angelia Jolie or Rachel Weisz.  Of course the typical conversation around a Batman film eventually leads to the discussion of Robin who internet circles have suggested be played by Shia LeBouf.  Let’s hope Nolan keeps his promise of no Robin in these films as they have typically been the point where the film jumps the shark.

Whomever the villian, and whomever the actor who plays that villian they will face a daunting task of filling the clown shoes left behind by Heath Ledger, arguably one of the greatest performances in American cinema.

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