Happy Birthday to you…Adolf Hitler?

Happy Birthday to you...Adolf Hitler....

New Jersey (ChatterShmatter) – While this story may read as even too big a publicity stunt for Tom Cruise’s new film “Valkyrie” it is all too real.

It all started when Heath and Deborah Campbell were rebuffed by the bakery within a local ShopRite to have a birthday cake made for their son, Adolf Hitler.

Yes you read that right. Heath and Deborah Campbell are celebrating the 3rd birthday of their son whom they named Adolf Hitler. The bakery refused to decorate a cake with the boys name claiming it was an “inappropriate use of icing and sugar”

The family insisted that the naming of their son was not meant to honor one of the world’s most evil men and that some of the boy’s best friends were black. The couple went on to introduce Adolf’s younger sister’s Honszlynn Himler Jeannine & JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell.

Heath Campbell, the father of the boy, defended his and his wife’s name choices claiming that the names were unique and the children’s names should be accepted since his child will not grow up and commit the same atrocities as the former leader of the Third Reich.

The ShopRite has had issues similar to this in the past and do reserve the right to refuse to print anything on a cake they deem offensive.

Mrs. Campbell had phoned in her order and after spelling out the child’s name was denied the request by the supervisor of the bakery.

To this the parents are questioning how a name can be offensive and this treatment is not fair to their children.

“Valkyrie” starring Tom Cruise opens in theatres on Christmas Day, December 25th.

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