Face Transplant Completed for First Time in US History

Face Transplant Completed for First Time in US History....

Cleveland (ChatterShmatter) – Once again life mirrors art, when the plot of a movie is brought to reality. Nicholas Cage and John Travolta starred in the movie Face Off where a medical procedure allowed the two stars to trade faces.

A clinic in Cleveland, OH has successfully completed the first face transplant in US history.

The transplant which was done by Dr. Maria Siemionow, required the replacement of almost 80% of the facial tissue for a woman, whose face was permanently scarred as the result of a trauma.

The procedure used tissue from a woman donor from which the facial tissue was taken and provided to the victim

The hospital discussed the transplant in detail but refused to identify the individual who received the transplant.

The hospital did state that while this is the first time this was done in the US it is the fourth facial transplant, as this has been done in other regions such as China and Europe. Each time this procedure is done it is more and more successful.

While the film on the movie was a moderate success at most one must wonder if this will lead to the sequel being greenlit?

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