Epilepsy Drugs to Increase Suicidal Tendencies?

Epilepsy Drugs to Increase Suicidal Tendencies....

Washington (ChatterShmatter) – Eleven different drugs used to treat epilepsy are called on the carpet as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has linked them to an increased risk of suicide.

The drugs included in the release include, Johnson & Johnson’s Topamax, GlaxoSmithKline’s Lamictal, two from Pfizer Neurontin and Lyrica, and two from Novartis Trileptal and Tegretol.

The release from the FDA serves as a public health advisory and a warning to the public, and is the result of clinical studies where the drugs mentioned were linked to an increase in suicidal tendencies.

The study covered more than 45,000 individuals and 200 different studies, which showed that when epilepsy drugs were taken the risk of suicide doubled.

The results of the FDA study will result in the makers of the drugs to add additional and stronger warnings on their labels and bring a focus on the moods and behaviors of the users of the drugs by the caretakers.

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