Drew Peterson to Re-Marry

Drew Peterson to Re-Marry....

Chicago (ChatterShmatter) – From the files of my 15 minutes are up and I need more fame comes the latest news from Drew Peterson, he is engaged to his 23 year old mystery girlfriend.

The grieving husband of the missing Stacy Peterson, his fourth wife, remains a suspect in the disappearance of his third wife Kathleen Savio has apparently decided to get married for a 5th time.

Peterson’s publicist has confirmed that Peterson is engaged to his 23 year old girlfriend who he has been dating for four months but her identity is being kept a secret since they are entitled to their privacy.

Peterson gained public scrutiny since his wife Stacy Peterson, then 24, went missing in October of 2007. He has publicly stated that because of her PMS, Stacy had left him and run off with another man. It was these accusations and his blasé attitude towards the disappearance, which led the public to believe Peterson had a hand in it rather than her running off with another man.

Apparently there is one person who believes his innocence.

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