If Given Choice, 30% Of Men Would Pick Internet Over Sex

Grand Theft Auto is set to hit the Nintendo DS for the very first time this March with Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars.<br /> .....Washington (ChatterShmatter) – According to a new survey, if they were given a choice, 30% of men and 46% of women would prefer to have the Internet instead of having sex.

This latest survey from Intel Corp. was carried out in November on 2,119 adults in the U.S.

The adults were given a question as to which they would choose, giving up the Internet for two weeks, or sex.

The results of the survey are pretty startling to say the least as 30% of men would chose the Internet, while 46% of women chose the Internet as well.

They were then asked which they would prefer, giving up TV for two weeks, or the Internet for one week.

61% of women and 58% of men stated they would give up TV for two weeks instead of losing the Internet for one week.

On top of that, 65% of U.S. adults made it clear that they simply cannot live without the Internet, ranking it as their most important thing over eating, shopping, etc.

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