UPDATE: OJ Receives 15 Years in Prison!

O.J. Sentencing Due, How Much Jail Time???....

Las Vegas (ChatterShmatter) – Today we will find ourselves in a familiar position, as we await the results of an O.J. Simpson trial. This time however we know he will be going to prison.

About 14 years ago Simpson was acquitted in the trail of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

This time Simpson faces charges along with his former golfing buddy Clarence “CJ: Stewart who were convicted of 12 criminal charges which included kidnapping and armed robbery and will face time anywhere from 6 years to life in prison.

Clark County District Court Judge Jackie Glass is the judge in charge of this case and has a history of giving severe sentances and can accept the recommendation of the state parole agency of at least 18 years or she can ignore the recommendation.

Written pleas for leniency were submitted to the judge as well as a request to allow Simpson out on bail while appeals of the conviction are being completed.

Judge Glass has denied the defendant’s request for a new trial. Simpson continues to deny any wrongdoing in the case.


After an emotional pleading for leniency from Judge Glass since he never intended to cause harm to anyone, O.J. received a stern lecture about his actions and how little his pleas mean now.  She went so far as to say his intent means little now.  His actions mount to armed robbery and kidnapping.

She did make mention of his past crimes and how this was never about the past for her or the jury, only the crimes at hand.  Her statement was made clear that this was a message not just for O.J. but for everyone, clearly a message to the media and the public.

She then went on to sentence O.J. Simpson to more than 15 years in prison.  He is up for parole after the first five but would then need to finish two other sentences of at least one to six years each.  In the end if all goes well he would see the light of day in 9 to 10 years.

O.J.’s companion in crime Clarence “CJ” Stewart received more than 15 years for his part in the events.

Also any chance OJ being free while appeals are being made was denied for both OJ and CJ.

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