Sodium Levels in Common Foods Revealed

Sodium Levels in Common Foods Revealed....

Washington (ChatterShmatter) – Consumer Reports magazine has released a report showing the real levels of salt or sodium in some commonly consumed foods.

A total of 37 food products were tested in the report and while the foods may not have visible salt on top of the item it does contain certain levels of sodium.

Foods such as cereals, bagels and some others were found to have extremely high levels of salt. Items such as, Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain White Bagel was found to reveal 440mg of salt. Other examples of the study were Heart Healthy V8 vegetable juice which had 480mg per serving and Heart Smart Traditional Italian Sauce from Prego which contains 430mg of salt.

It is these types of items causing concern since they are purchased because they are marketed to be low in fat are actually high in sodium. This is the result of the food maker looking to make their product more appetizing since when the fat is removed a lot of the flavor goes with it.

The recommended daily amount of salt intake for a healthy adult is not more than 2,300mg.

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