Separation Surgery Ends in Sadness

Separation Surgery Ends in Sadness....

London (ChatterShmatter) – British doctors attempt to separate conjoined has ended with the death of one of the twin sisters.

Week old Hope Williams died Tuesday night after having been seperated from conjoined sister Faith. Doctors report Hope’s lungs were too small to support her breathing.

Twin sister Faith Williams however is currently in stable condition. Doctors caution that it is still very early and a lot can still go wrong. Faith does require support for breathing.

The twins were born on November 26th and were joined at the abdomen. Frequently twins who are joined at the abdomen also share a number of vital organs such as parts of their intestines or liver.

Doctors pushed for this surgery to be done now rather than when the children were older since the theory was the children’s health was deteriorating and they would have a better chance of survival on their own.

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