Balfour Charged With Murders in Hudson Case

Balfour Charged With Murders in Hudson Case....

Chicago (ChatterShmatter) – William Balfour has been charged with three counts of murder and one count of home invasion in the October killings of singer/actree Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew.

Balfour who had been married to Hudson’s sister Julia, was taken into custody by the Chicago Police Department as a “person of interest” almost immediately after the murders were discovered. Balfour was at the time of the incident on parole and was subsequently transferred to the Illinois Department of Corrections for parole violation. His prior crimes included attempted murder and car-jacking convictions.

The suspicion into Balfour’s involvement into the murders started with the fact that the murders followed a number of domestic incidents at the families’ home, as well as lengthy assistance from the members of Hudson’s family. There were also reports from neighbors claiming to have seen Balfour’s vehicle in the area on the morning of the murders.

While members of the Hudson family are feeling a bit of relief with the charges being filed, the family of Balfour are denying his involvement, rather that this is the result of statement from a bitter split with a girlfriend of Balfour’s.

Balfour himself also denies having committed the crimes, even though there have been some physical evidence linking him to the incident. The specifics of the tests have not been released and there are a number of other tests still pending.

Balfour’s attorney has also stated that this evidence being brought by the detectives in the case is unreliable.

While the police have not charged any additional persons in the crime the door has been left open should any additional information arise.

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