United States Leaders Recognize 20th Anniversary of World AIDS Day

United States Leaders Recognize 20th Anniversary of World AIDS Day....

Washington (ChatterShmatter) – On the 20th Anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO) World AIDS Day, Both President George W. Bush and President Elect Brack Obama made pledges to the nation of further work to be done to combat the deadly disease.

World AIDS Day is celebrated every December 1 and was started by the WHO in 1988 as a way to bring a national focus to the impact the disease has globally.

Current President George W. Bush’s statements to the nation reinforced the concept that the US Government is working hard to fight AIDS/HIV.

The current administration is the founder of the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief launched in 2003 and according to the President is responsible for bringing help to those afflicted around the world.

President Elect Barack Obama also made a statement recognizing the anniversary of the day and briefly discussed his own National Strategy against the HIV/AIDS virus to reduce infection and improve the treatments for those already infected.

Currently it is estimated that there are more than 1 million affected with this disease in the United States alone.

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