Media Exposure Causing Health Problems for Children

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Media Exposure Causing Health Problems for Children....

Boston (ChatterShmatter)- According to a recent study done by Ezekiel J. Emanuel of the National Institute of Health as well as colleagues from California Pacific Media Center, Common Sense Media and Yale University, exposure to the media can have major health impacts on children.

The study revealed that children are exposed to some form of the media, television, movies, music, internet, video games or cell phones for more than 45 hours per week.

Prior studies done on similar issues revealed that in almost 80% of the cases this exposure also led to some form deviant behavior, which in turn led to health issues.

The variety of health issues most commonly seen were use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and even sexual behavior.

This report continues to carry a call to parents and guardians to limit children’s exposure to media and encourage a more active lifestyle.

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