Indonesia to Track AIDS Victims Using Microchip

 Indonesia to Track AIDS Victims Using Microchip....

Washington (ChatterShmatter)- In the eastern Indonesian province of Papua legislators are preparing to pass a law requiring all citizens infected with the AIDS virus to receive a microchip implant.

The reason for the passing of this law is to track and monitor those who are sexually active and infected with AIDS using this microchip.

The microchip would seek to help those infected and also help to prevent healthy people from being infected with the virus.

Being able to track those infected will also allow the authorities to take action against those who may purposely infect an unsuspecting healthy individual. The result could be jail time in addition to a $5,000 fine.

Many of the Indonesian citizens are against the passing of this bill since there are a number of human rights and morality issues since this law will discriminate against those infected with the virus.

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