Child Research Center Funded by Johnson & Johnson

 Child Research Center Funded by Johnson & Johnson....

Boston (ChatterShmatter)- The Wall Street Journal recently broke news that documents had been discovered which showed Johnson & Johnson funded a research center in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in an effort to push drugs which they manufacture.

A lawsuit being brought against Harvard University’s Dr. Joseph Biederman, who has been accused of failing to disclose payments he received from drug companies, has brought these documents to light.

The documents show that J&J helped to plan out the institute and also helped to fund the construction of the institute and in return their drugs would be used, specifically the drug Risperidone.

The drugs in question are also under major scrutiny, and an advisory panel of the FDA has found that this drug is being used heavily by children and teens.

Dr. Biederman and Massachusetts General Hospital have also been linked to have had meetings with J&J on this very drug.

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