Cancer Regressing on it’s Own?

 Cancer Regressing on it’s Own?....

Washington (ChatterShmatter)- A recent study comparing the breast cancer rates of two different groups of woman showed researchers that some types of cancer may be regressing without any treatment.

Per-Henrik Zahl of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health led the study, which focused on a national screening program.

The two groups were made up of woman between the ages of 50 and 64 some of whom did receive regular mammograms and others who did not.

The first group of 120,000 women had three rounds of mammograms between 1996 and
2001. The second group of woman who did not receive regular mammograms, instead the study focused on the breast cancer rates of women between 50 and 64 in 1992.

The results of the research found that the group who went through the mammogram screenings showed had a 22% higher result of invasive breast cancer than those who did not.

Additionally 32 of these cases found that the cancer went into regression on it’s own without any form of treatment.

The belief now is that cancer screenings may find some forms of cancer which are not a dire threat to an otherwise healthy person. These findings may lead to fewer circumstances where invasive treatments can be avoided.

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