No More ‘Pushing Dasies’, ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ or ‘Eli Stone’

 No More ‘Pushing Dasies’, ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ or ‘Eli Stone’....

Boston (ChatterShmatter)- While this should still be in the unofficial category word out of ABC is that the studio will be pulling the plug on the second year shows.

ABC President of Entertanment Steve McPherson let the cat out of the bag Thursday by indirectly indicating to the cast and crew of each series that there would be no more pie making, no more dancing and singing with George Michael and no more Darlings.

There would be no additional episodes ordered for any of the series however all produced episodes of the series would be completed and aired as scheduled.

The cast and crew of each show was alerted to the news on Thursday and the process of letting go of their shows has begun. As has the process of looking for new work.

ABC has also announced some changes to it’s mid-season lineup with the first year drama ‘Life on Mars’ being moved to Wednesday nights at 10 pm to directly follow the hit show ‘Lost’. ‘Lost’ will premier its three hour episode on January 21st.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ spin-off ‘Private Practice’ will look to regain some of it’s audience by moving to Thursday’s at 10 pm directly following it’s creator, starting January 8th.

Also ‘Scrubs’ will premiere on ABC with back to back episodes on January 6th .

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