Lack of Sleep Increases Cancer Risk

Lack of Sleep Increases Cancer Risk....

Washington (ChatterShmatter)- In a recent study led by James McClain of the National Cancer Institute it was revealed that regardless of the amount of exercise women get sleep was more a factor of increasing their risk of cancer.

The study was aimed at women 18 to 65 who exercised regularly in an effort to reduce their risk levels of becoming afflicted with cancer.  This study was based in Maryland and had 5,986 participants in it.

While regular exercise does lower the risk levels there was a more of an impact made in those who slept less than 7 hours per night.

Approximately 47% of women who did not slept seven or more hours each night and were not regularly active faced an increased risk of cancer.

This study which was reported at a meeting of the American Assiociation for Cancer Research has left researchers wondering why the additional sleep helped to reduce risk but has certainly shown that exercise and sleep help to ward off the dreaded disease.

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