Jack Bauer Returns with 24: Redemption

Jack Bauer Returns with 24: Redemption....

Boston (ChatterShmatter)- We get our first look at season seven of the fan favorite show 24 when Jack Bauer returns to Sunday nights on Fox tomorrow with a two hour movie called Redemption.

In this new season we find our hero having taken refuge to a fictional African country called Sangala.  While there and seeking rest and to put his past behind him he finds hope in the eyes of some children whom he befriends.  As you would expect his new friends befall the unfortunate fate of being taken by a nearby rebel leader who is aiming to start a civil war.  Jack as we would expect then makes it his mission to get them back.

Back here on the homeland Noah Daniels is still causing problems for the national government and more specifically Madame President Allison Taylor, played by Cherry Jones.

From the looks of this two hour action packed movie premiering tomorrow night 24 fans will receive exactly what they have been waiting for.  The series will continue in January 2009.

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