Medical History, Stem Cells Used In Windpipe Transplant

Success With Stem Cell Transplant....Washington (ChatterShmatter)- This week the procedure used to save Claudia Castillo’s windpipe is being published after doctors successfully replaced her infected windpipe with one containing her own stem cells.

Claudia Castillo, 30, was suffering from tuberculosis and was at risk of loosing a lung once her windpipe became infected and almost collapsed.

Doctors attempted a procedure never before done where they took a trachea and removed all of the stem cells from it, then replaced those cells with cells from the woman. This process ensured that the body would not reject the new trachea since it contained the same stem cells.

Doctors reported that the surgery done on Claudia was a success and she was able to leave the hospital just 10 days after the sugery was completed.

The surgery proved to be very successful and begins to show the large benefits of what using stems cells can do. It also goes a long way to encouraging further research into what else can be done with stem cells in the future.

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