Mike Mussina to Retire

Mike Mussina to Retire....

New York (ChatterShmatter)- Sources have reported that free agent Mike Mussina will retire rather than pursue a new contract.

Most recently Mussina pitched for the New York Yankees and in 2008 posted a 3.37 ERA and a record of 20-9 in 34 games.  The Moose as he is commonly referred was showing signs of decline in 2008 even though it was the first time in his career he has posted a 20 win season.  His retirement after the season was almost expected by most.

Mike Mussina pitched for the New York Yankees since 2001 when he left the Baltimore Orioles as a free agent.  His major league career began in 1991 with the very same Oriole club.

His 18 year career stats finished at 534 games pitched and a record of 270 wins and 153 loses.  His career ERA 3.68 and 2813 career strikeouts.

The 40 year old pitcher will announce his retirement this week though it would not surprise us if the door was left open for a mid-season return similar to a trend we have seen recently, specifically Mussina’s teammate Roger Clemens.

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