Harvard Releasing Personal Genomes Of 10 Volunteers

A new genome project is going public on the Harvard Medical School's web site which will make the personal genomes of volunteers available for viewing
It is being reported that the Harvard University Personal Genome Project is being made available for public viewing starting today, and will feature the genomes of volunteers.

The genomes are available on a new web site, and include those of some very influencial people including technology venture capitalist Esther Dyson, known psychologist and author Steven Pinker and Duke University assistant professor Misha Angrist.

The university hopes one day to have the genomes of more than 100,000 people, but for now, 10 genomes are available for viewing at the web site.

Their goal by releasing genomes of volunteers to the public is to push the boundaries when it comes to medical research.

The medical school will decode people’s genomes for free, in exchange for public disclosure of their genomes, including photos, medical histories, and general lifestyle habits.

The genomes are available for viewing at the medical school web site: www.personalgenomes.org.

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