Experimental Alzheimer’s Drug Rember Reduces Disease Symptoms

Experimental Alzheimer's Drug Rember Reduces Disease Symptoms
A new experimental drug is proving very promising in the fight against alzheimer’s disease.

Rember, is the name of the drug that works by breaking up the tangles of bad protein/plaque that collects on the brains of Alzheimer’s disease patients.

TauRx Therapeutics based in Singapore manufacture the drug, but despite its early success, it is years away from being submitted for possible approvement.

“These are the first very positive results I’ve seen” for stopping mental decline, said Marcelle Morrison-Bogorad, director of Alzheimer’s research at the National Institute on Aging. “It’s just fantastic.”

In a small study of Alzheimer’s disease patients given the drug, it appeared to vastly improve their mental copacity when it came to thinking and memory.

“We’ve demonstrated for the first time we can halt the disease by a treatment that aims to dissolve the tangles,” said Claude Wischik of the University of Aberdeen and chairman of TauRX Therapeutics in Singapore.

Currently there is no drug to cure Alzheimer’s disease, which is eventually fatal when diagnosed.

The drug study was presented today at a medical conference in Chicago.

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