Sarah Jessica Parker Makes Vanity Fair Best Dressed List

Sarah Jessica Parker Makes Vanity Fair Best Dressed List
Vanity Fair have released their list of top dressed international figures with some big names making the list.

In total, 42 celebrities made the hard to crack list, that hits news stands on August 1st.

Names such as Ivanka Trump, Sarah Jessica Parker, Evelyn Lauder and Diana Taylor are found in the top ten, with Parker being the only Hollywood actress to make the top 10.

Michelle Obama even made the list, along with names such as Angelina Jolie, and Iris Apfel.

“It was not intentional, but it’s not surprising,” says Vanity Fair special correspondent Amy Fine Collins. ” New York women may be over-represented on the list just because New York women rule. We have access and we have the contacts that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world. And we’ve got visibility – a great stage on which to perform.”

There are also quite a few men on the list including; soccer star David Beckham, Matt Lauer the anchor of “The Today Show,” and “Casino Royale” star Daniel Craig.

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