Madonna Named Cash Queen

Madonna Named Female Cash Queen

After a year that grossed her more than 70 million dollars, Madonna has been named the “Cash Queen of Music.”

She was given the dubious nickname by Forbes magazine, and managed to beat out Barbra Streisand, who was No. 2 with annual earnings of $60 million, and Celine Dion at $45 million.

Spanish hottie Shakira came in number 4 in female earnings.

The earnings of the female celebs were calculated based on a 12 month time frame from June of 2006, to June of 2007.

For their statistics, the magazine used information pertaining to concert ticket sales, merchandise revenue, album sales and earnings from ancillary products such as clothing, perfumes and endorsements.

Country music stars also did well, with Faith Hill landing in the No. 8 slot with $19 million and the Dixie Chicks at No. 9 with $18 million.

Troubled popstress Britney Spears came in at number 14, grossing $8 million.

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