Calif Slaughter House Being Investigated

California Slaughter House Under Investigation

It is being reported that a slaughter house based in California is being investigated by the Agriculture Department folllowing video being released that shows workers torturing cows.

In the videos released by the American Humane Society, workers are seen poking blades into eyes of dairy cows, shocking them, and jabbing them with blades from a forklift.

Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer has stated that “appropriate actions will be taken” against the company. Referring to the actual product that comes out of that slaughter house, he said “There is no immediate health risk that we are aware of.”

“We are shocked, saddened and sickened by what we have seen today,” said Steve Mendell, president of Westland and Hallmark. “Operations have been immediately suspended until we can meet with all of our employees and be assured these sorts of activities never again happen at our facility.”

A number of employees of Hallmark Meat Packing Co have been fired due to their role in the animal torture.

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