West Bengal Reporting More Bird Flu

More Bird Flu Reported In West Bengal

It is being reported that the Bird flu situation in Eastern India is becoming worse with each passing day.

According to West Bengal animal resources minister Anisur Rahaman, villagers are eating chickens who have succumbed to the Bird flu virus, and allowing their children to play with chickens in courtyards.

Six districts in West Bengal state have reported outbreaks of avian flu among poultry so far, and with villagers doing nothing to limit their own exposure to the virus, this number will surely skyrocket.

“The ignorance of villagers is one of the main hurdles. They are carrying the dead chickens without any protective gear,” he said.

“Most villagers are not aware of the disease. They are eating the dead chickens. Their children are playing with the infected chickens in the courtyards. It’s horrible,” Rahaman added.

The easiest method of transmission of Bird flu from birds to people is via coming into contact with an infected bird.

“Blood samples of the dead poultry have been sent for tests. We are awaiting the report,” Rahaman added.

Currently there are no reports of humans in the area contracting the virus.

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