One Day Behind Bars For Famous Rapper

Famous Wrapper Sentenced to Jailtime

It has been reported that Rap star Beanie Sigel has been sentenced to no more than 1 day behind bars due to a second violation of his probation.

He has also been ordered to live in a half way house for the next 6 months, after taking an unauthorized trip to Atlantic City, as well as being seen in contact with a convicted felon.

Any publicity is good for the wrapper even if it is because of not so good behavior, and the wrapper’s latest album “The Solution”
will surely benefit from his antics.

The 33-year-old rapper (real name: Dwight Grant) has had a string of legal problems in recent years but insists he is a changed man.

“I’m human, but I’m working on my mistakes,” he told Surrick. “I do believe that other people do get a chance to go back into society and do the work that
they do.”

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